How long will you be there?

I do not have a return date in mind. I plan to live in Peru and continue in this role until God directs me otherwise.

Do you still need monthly support?

There is always a need for additional monthly supporters because sometimes others have to stop for one reason or another. Money will remain in my account if I am ever over-funded in a month and it will be used in one of the months that I am under-funded.

How much support do you need?

Ongoing Monthly Support Need: $3,800.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, all donations given directly to MULTIPLi will be tax deductible.

Why does it cost so much to go to live in Peru?

The support that I am raising covers my salary and housing, but it also includes ministry expenses (including required travel), medical insurance, retirement, and other reasonable provisions. Additionally, since Lima is a big city (10+ million people), many things are about the same prices as you might pay in the US. Some are cheaper, of course, but perhaps not as cheap as you might think!

Why do you have to raise your support?

Actually, I am choosing to raise my own support for this ministry to which God has directed me. MULTIPLi is a faith-based mission meaning that each missionary is responsible for raising their own support. Since MULTIPLi is interdenominational, it does not receive funding from churches like some mission organizations. MULTIPLi operates entirely off of gifts from donors. I believe that there is an accountability that comes with being supported by donors during my ministry. Additionally, having supporters allows others here in the US to join in the ministry that God is doing in Peru. It is the body of Christ working together for the Kingdom of God!


I first met the director of MULTIPLi while attending a church-plant in Lima, Peru. I was able to see first-hand his church-planting, mentoring, and discipleship processes. I was inspired by the passion and success that I saw. As I watched, God began showing me how I could be a part of the work He was already doing through MULTIPLi!

Why Peru?

After three trips to Cuba, I knew that my heart was drawn toward Spanish-speaking cultures. At the same time, I wasn’t actually looking for a role in full-time mission when I stumbled upon this role in Peru. The Holy Spirit stirred my heart for this role and thus I feel like Peru chose me more than I chose Peru.

Do you know Spanish?

Now I do! I spent 7 months in full-time language school when I arrived in Peru to learn to speak Spanish.

Do you live in a hut? have air conditioning? have running water?

Lima is a city of 10+ million people – over 10 times the size of Charlotte, NC. I have all the modern conveniences that would be afforded me here in the states! Most homes do not have air conditioning or central heat, though, since temperatures in Lima stay between 50 and 80 degrees year-round. I should note, however, that over 50% of Lima’s population lives in shantytowns where there is likely not running water. I, like those who live in the US, am privileged to have these amenities.