Some of you may recall that I had to find a new home for my cat, Koshka, last fall. He was about 9 years old when I found him a new home and I had him from the time he was about 6 weeks old. I could have probably brought him with me to Peru, but there were multiple reasons that I chose not to. First and foremost, I needed to replace the carpet in my home before listing it on the market and I didn’t want him there with new carpet or while the home was being shown. Furthermore, I thought the move would stress him out tremendously (he hated traveling). The reasons are not the point of this blog, though. I just needed everyone to know I’d given up a cat so that they might fully appreciate this blog.

Upon my arrival in Peru on October 11, I was met at the airport by my orientation supervisor, Mende Kitzman, her husband, Dave, her son, Levi, and two other friends, Mary and Emily. I was quickly informed that the Kitzman’s home is a zoo – they wanted to check to see if I was allergic to animals since I was staying a couple of nights in their home. I was pleasantly surprised to find a sweet boxer named Jack, three cats, and even some chickens. The Kitzmans have one cat, who is rather shy, that will sit in a chair in the kitchen and meow until given a cup of water to drink from. This week I was surprised to find that she sat in my lap to sleep for a while when I visited too! I enjoy it when kitties nap on me. Hopefully Cheyenne and I can develop this friendship more as I visit the Kitzman home.

Kitty drinking a cup of water

This is Cheyenne drinking a cup of water at the kitchen table.

Shy sleeping in my lap

A sleeping Cheyenne on my lap on my last visit to the Kitzman home.

I also have a new friend named Lucas who shares the first floor of the home I’m living in with a Peruvian family. Lucas is basically a member of this Peruvian family, despite being a cat. I was pleased to find that he has many things in common with Koshka. When I unpack any bag or box, he insists on jumping inside the container to investigate. He’s also good company in my lap or on the bed when I’m working.

Lucas in my suitcase

Lucas in my suitcase while I was unpacking.

Lucas keeping me company.

Lucas keeping me company.

I don’t think I expected to have new cat friends in Peru. When so many things are new and overwhelming here in Lima, I am really thankful to have sweet animal friends that remind me of those I left in the states. I could never replace Koshka, but new kitties are a comfort. It’s neat to see how God provides for me in unexpected ways when I’m moving forward into that which He has for me.