We mark time, progress, and success in many ways. The marks on the wall get higher as we get older and taller, we look for the A’s on the report card, or we work for an extra digit in our salary, among many others. One marker I never imagined using to measure time, success, and progress is keys: more specifically, the disappearance of keys. I used to have a car key, a house key, a mailbox key, a pool key, a key to my sister’s house, a key to my friend’s house, and even the gym “key” I flashed when I made it in for a workout. The keys have slowly disappeared as I sold my car, sold my house, ended my gym membership, and otherwise prepared for this move to Peru. Last night a solitary key hung from the key ring I bought in Peru during my April visit. I bought the key ring so that it would be a constant reminder of what I was working toward,. Now I have no keys to put on my Peru keychain. It will remain empty for only a brief time, though. Soon my forward progress will undoubtedly include new keys for this new adventure. I wonder what keys He has for me next?

A lone key on my Peru keychain