I’ve had a blog rolling around in my head since around the New Year. I’m not sure if that means it will be eloquent and concise given the time I’ve been working on it, or if it just means I have more to ramble about. Given that the topic is my theme for 2011, I fear it’s the latter because I’ve had more time for God to confirm the theme and teach me more about it!

If you’re a long-time reader of my blog, you might remember my blog called “Lover” from last year. A Bible study leader, Bettie, challenged me last year to ask God for a word for the year – something that He wants to teach me more about. Last year my word was “lover.” Not as in, “let’s learn to be a lover of people,” but as in a romantic lover! My year was filled with learning about God’s love for me as his bride. Good times.

As the New Year rolled around, I began to wonder what sort of goals I might set for 2011 (I don’t do resolutions, but goals are okay)! Given that I am moving to a whole new country, I figured that perhaps I needed to set some goals to be flexible and trust God fully. I was asking God about that, or if there was something that He wanted to teach me. Meanwhile, I was given a book called “The One Year Worship the King Devotional,” (by Chris Tiegreen, Tyndale House Publishers). As I read some of the early devotionals for year, I realized that perhaps my goals of trust and flexibility were embedded in the idea of worship. If I am really worshiping God with my life, and being a living sacrifice, certainly that would require flexibility and trust. So, I asked God if He would confirm that “worship” would be my word for 2011. A few nights later, I read this in my devotional:

“Being a living sacrifice is more than a holy obligation; it’s a holy passion. It’s the lover who says, ‘I’d do anything for you. I’d sacrifice my life, my dreams, my everything for your welfare.’ Few of us consistently love God like that, but that’s our goal. And the only way to get there is to ask Him for that kind of love. It’s supernatural. Only He can offer it and maintain it in out hearts…. Like any lover, He wants to be our joy. Like a wife who craves evidence of her husband’s affections, or a husband who looks expectantly for affirmation from his wife, our God – though never needy – wants to be adored. Can we adore Him? We must – it’s our created purpose, and it’s the only love we’ll ever have that will leave us completely satisfied. All others fall short, but passion for Him always fulfills.

And there it is: 2010 was learning about God as my lover, and 2011 is to be about learning to be His lover with all-out passion and worship. Yikes! Simple on one hand, but I thought I’d already given enough of myself in the prior year! Haven’t I already agreed to sell most of my possessions and follow Him to Peru?! Is there anything left for me to give over? Of course there is, but it took me a moment (or so) to really wrap my head around how much farther I have to go!

God continues to teach me about worship. This week I’ve been specifically learning about the story of His glory in my Perspectives class. While I can’t wrap my head around it all just yet, I have a feeling it will lead to more blogs along the way. Stay tuned!