I posted the following on my blog at http://RobbyeInPeru.org on Tuesday (1/25/2011). Unfortunately, I haven’t had internet access to copy the text to this blog! Apologies for the late post if you wait for the notification here!

I was finally able to verbalize to someone recently my fear or worry about selling my house. I’m not actually worried that it won’t sell – I trust that God is going to bring the right buyer in the right time. He provided a home for my cat, and it was the right home. He’s provided for me financially in some amazing ways. He’s brought me so far in my walk and my faith in a year that it leaves me a bit breathless. How could I not trust that He could bring someone around to buy my house so that I may follow Him to Peru?

My fear, rather, is that I am holding God to my timeline. When I realized that leaving in April was not going to be reasonable any longer, I reset my timeline based on practical things: the course I’m taking ends in early May, my bonus at work will be awarded in mid-to-late-April, the course I need to take in Colorado could start around May 9… I looked at the facts and saw that the next reasonable time to leave would be in early-to-mid-July, so that’s what I started saying and working toward. I would like to think that I have held loosely to that timeline knowing that God is ultimately in control of when I leave. My fear, though, is that I’ve taken potentially irreversible steps to plan for that timeline without really knowing for sure that it was God’s timing. I feel confident about it, but I also know that plans change. I’ve essentially told my boss that I will leave by the end of April, but what if that’s not the right timing? I need to sell the house (i.e. get rid of the mortgage) before I can quit my job, so what if the buyer God has in mind does not come before the end of April? Yikes!

Having verbalized that worry regarding the selling of my house, I was thinking about the issue in the shower this morning. I realized that I don’t pray often enough or specifically enough for the sale of the house. I tell people it’s my biggest prayer request, I write it on all the prayer request lists I can get a hold of, I throw up little prayers to God when it crosses my mind, but do I really pray hard, with all that I am, for this house to sell? I prayed about it this morning in the shower – one of my favorite places to think and pray. I told God that I wanted it to sell sooner rather than later and that I knew He would bring the right buyer around at the right time. I also felt convicted that I should spend Wednesday, especially at lunch time, in prayer for the selling of the house. I’ve never successfully fasted before, but this is as good of a time as any to give it a shot! [And if any of my readers are the praying and/or fasting type, I would love for you to join in a prayer or fast with me tomorrow, Wednesday 1/25, at your lunch hour. If you’re in another time zone, that’s okay – maybe the buyer is moving here from your time zone and will be shopping online for houses during his or her lunch break!]

After praying hard for the selling of the house this morning, I hurriedly got ready and ran out the door to work a bit late. I wiped up the hair in the bathroom and made my bed, per usual (meaning, per usual since the house has been on the market), but I left a few things out of place. I had a large bag of Reece’s Pieces sitting on my dresser waiting to be mailed to Ethiopia, I had sweaters laying in the laundry room drying, and a dead plant on my counter that I forgot to put out with the trash last night, among other things. In other words, I prayed for rain, but I didn’t bring my umbrella!

Of course, you know what’s coming next, right? I’d been at work for about an hour and a half when I got an email notifying me of a showing at noon today. I laughed out loud as I grabbed my keys and ran for my car! I prayed so hard for God to bring along the right buyer, but I hadn’t left my house in tip-top shape for showing! My words said that I believed that God could move, but my actions indicated that I didn’t think he would do it today, on a random Tuesday in January. Who looks at houses in the middle of the day on a Tuesday? Someone God brings along, that’s who! Oh that I would learn to pray expectantly, knowing that God may already be at work in ways that I can’t even comprehend!

Thankfully God was gracious enough to give me time to run home and rectify my short-sighted sloppiness. The Reece’s are hidden in my dresser. There are dirty dishes in the oven (since the dishes in the dishwasher are clean), clothes in the dryer, and other items hidden just out of sight. The countertops and floors were quickly wiped down with Clorox wipes and my Swiffer duster flew over the coffee tables. The blinds were opened and a few key lights were turned on. I pray that someone falls in love with the home today!

The showing today may not be for the ultimate buyer. The right buyer will come along in God’s time. I have, nonetheless, learned a very entertaining lesson about prayer and praying expectantly! Thank you, Lord, for teaching me such valuable lessons with such a sense of humor!