I have an affinity for Top 10 Lists. I don’t know where it came from. It’s not a tribute to Dave Letterman or anything like that. Along the way I discovered that it’s an effective way to communicate a lot of information without boring the reader. It’s easy to mix the entertaining with the poignant because there’s not necessarily any logic or order to the list. Then again, there can be logic and order to the list if the author so desires. I think my first top ten list was something like “Top 10 Regularly Spoken Phrases in Middle School.” Actually, it might have been something more edgy like, “Top 10 Things Excuses the Parent of a Middle Schooler Makes.” Regardless, I anonymously posted it next to the time clock one morning when I was still teaching. One of my favorite top 10 lists was after a cross-country road trip in April/May of 2007. I had fun writing that list and I got lots of positive feedback, so I believe that’s where my love of the genre was solidified.

Today was a significant step forward for me. It might seem like a small thing, but it has been a major hold up in this process. In honor of this monumental step, I present you with a top 10 list.

Top 10 Indications That Koshka No Longer Resides In My Home Tonight

10. When I sat my drink down on my nightstand, I didn’t worry that it might get knocked over by a curious paw.
9. When I opened the freezer door, it was unnecessary to throw a piece of ice on the floor to be batted around.
8. When I unloaded my gym bag, I didn’t have to hide the hair bands that are so entertaining in a game of fetch.
7. When I sat my computer on my lap, I was confident that it would remain alone in my lap.
6. When I packed my bags for a weekend trip, I didn’t have to check to see if anything crawled inside.
5. When I opened my closet to find clothes to pack, I didn’t have to check the corners before closing the door.
4. When I emptied change from my pockets onto the counter, I knew it would still be there tomorrow morning.
3. When I put on my pajama pants, nothing attacked my legs.
2. When I got out of the shower, no one licked my toes.
1. When I got home, no one was waiting in the window.

Just another small step forward as I seek to be about that which He has for me.