As of about 4:10 PM today, I am a board-approved member of SIM! I met with the US Council (i.e. the board of directors) for the final stamp of approval today. They talked with me a while, sent me out of the room so they could talk about me, and then called me back in to give me their decision. I guess it’s a good sign that it all took less than 15 minutes!

Thank you to all who were praying for the meeting. I wasn’t nervous about it until right before I walked in. The chair I sat in felt like it was a heated seat in a fancy car, so my shirt was stuck to me after only an 8-10 minute conversation with the board! After I shared my story with them (a slight variation on the testimony I posted last week) they only asked a few questions. I guess that story sort of covers how I feel about being single in mission which I expected would be one of their primary questions for me. They asked how I came to SIM, whether I know Spanish, and perhaps a question or two about previous ministry experience. I elaborated a little about how God brought my position together providentially while we were talking as well. I guess they were convinced because they didn’t need to deliberate very long about me!

Tomorrow morning there will be a small celebration service and tea as we get “pinned” and officially welcomed to SIM. I wish I could have all of you here! Hopefully I can post some pictures of the big event. Again, many thanks for your prayers for today’s events!