I’m almost through my second day of SIMCO Week 2! It’s been a good week so far. It started out a little rocky for me, which took me a little by surprise. I learned some good lessons about the opposition that can be experienced when I’m trying to be about that which He has for me. Having this particular experience doesn’t mean I’m immune to it, certainly, but it was a good thing to have happen here where I could learn from it before heading to the field! I will certainly be more aware and on guard going forward.

Here’s some of what we’ll be covering this week:


  • Mission Training: Being and Making Disciples
  • Mission Training: Thriving Overseas
  • Mission Training: Sexual Purity
  • Long Term Appointee Interview #1 (and by interview, they just mean meeting/discussion)
  • Missionary Care: Ladies’ Night Out


  • Mission Training: Community and Personality (2 sessions)
  • Member Care: Single in Mission
  • Personalized Sessions (today that means I’m going to the Y after blogging!)


  • Mission Training: Contextulized Theology
  • Missionary Care: Managing Stress
  • Mission Training: Spiritual Warfare
  • Optional Session Electives: Talking to Kids on RDM or EvangeCube & HIV/AIDS HOPE Cube Training
  • Missionary Care: Men’s Night Out


  • Missionary Care: Child Protection Policy
  • Missionary Care: Entering & Leaving Well
  • Hands-On 101 Electives: Stick Shift, Cooking from Scratch, Car Maintenance, Blogging
  • Mission Team Building: Volleyball game (SIMCO vs. the World)
  • SIMCO folks have initiated some marshmallow roasting for Thursday evening!


  • STA Farewell (Short-termers only stay two of the three weeks)
  • Administration: AETNA Insurance
  • Long-term Prep for US Council Meetings
  • Mission Training: Language Learning
  • STA Lunch Celebration
  • They are roasting a goat for us for dinner!

As you can see, it’s another full week! I particularly enjoyed the talks on personality this morning. It’s always an interest of mine. We did a variation on the DISC assessment called DIRT. 🙂