I’ve arrived at SIMCO (SIM Candidate Orientation)! I checked in at 10 AM sharp this morning and then headed for my 11 AM appointment to get the first of three rounds of shots. Today included Rabies #1 and Meningitis, the latter of which hurt a little more than I expected. Two more rounds of rabies and a yellow fever vaccine to come! Thankfully my previous trips had me decently prepared in the area of immunizations.

I’m in the process of settling in, greeting friends from SIMStart, and meeting new people. It’s such a blessing to have concentrated time with people who share a heart for missions. It’s an instant connection in spite of having never met before. Things really kick off at dinner tonight when we all get together!

The schedule is laid out consistently during the weekdays. It will look something like this for the three weeks that I’m here:

8:30 AM – Morning Prayers with the staff
9:15 AM – Session #1
10:30 AM – Break
10:45 AM – Session #2
12:30 PM – Lunch
2:00 PM – Session #3
3:15 PM – Session #4
5:30 PM – Dinner
7:00 PM – Optional events, some nights

Week 1 includes some good stuff:


  • IT Workshops: Computers in Ministry
  • RDM Training: Philosophy and Biblical Basis of RDM (Relationship Development Ministry; i.e. raising support)
  • IT Workshop: SIM Email & SIMNet
  • Group photo 🙂


  • RDM Training: Overall RDM Plan & RDM Tools
  • RDM Training: The Story Telling Cycle
  • RDM Training: RDM Tools Getting Started
  • Personalized Sessions: I have a photo session!
  • Optional evening Support Team Elective: Telling Your Story


  • Finance: SIM System & Finances
  • SIM Core Value Seminar: Serving on Multicultural Teams
  • RMD Training: Creative Writing for Prayer Letters, Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Personalized Session: Media time for me
  • Optional evening Support Team Elective: Telling Your Story


  • I’ll be giving my testimony in 4 minutes at morning prayers!
  • Missionary Care: Personal Security in Mission
  • Missionary Care: Caring for Missionaries in Mission
  • More immunizations
  • Personalized Sessions: More media time for me
  • Optional evening Support Team Elective: Telling Your Story


  • Missionary Care: Your Health in Mission
  • “From Candidate to Appointee”
  • Personalized Sessions : Finance Interview for me
  • Personalized Sessions: More media time

I am really excited to be here. The past couple months were so busy and feel like a blur, so it’s refreshing to be have reached this point. These three weeks will be busy, but I suspect I will have plenty of time to catch my breath and reflect on where I am – something I’ve been badly needing to do recently!

As I walked around the SIM campus briefly this morning I had a great sense of anticipation, an excitement welling up in me like a kid on Christmas morning. It feels like a grand adventure and I’m loving it! I’m glad that I have chosen to be about that which He has for me.