To follow up on that which you may have already read in the “Nineveh” entry, the position in Peru is technically filled. The previous Guest House Manager had intended to leave in June, but when her father became ill, she immediately returned to the UK and is not going to return to Peru. Consequently, the field office filled the position with a Peruvian secretary that they employ, signing a 2-year contract with her. Thus, this position will be available again in 2012.

If you’ve followed my timeline in a previous blog, you’re already aware that I am not even officially accepted to SIM yet. I did get medical approval last month, and I was deemed doctrinally sound for cross-cultural and interdenominational ministry, but I still have a couple more steps. I was invited to the May SIMStart conference which is the weekend where I will meet with SIM staff, including their medical team and psychologist, and gain an understanding of what steps may remain for me to receive full approval. They may recommend some readings, counseling, classes, or other things for personal growth to ensure that I’m equipped for what I will face on the field. After that, I would meet the board of directors at the end of July which must take place before any official fund raising can begin. Once fund raising is open, I’m told it can take a year or more to raise the funds. I’m hoping it won’t take me quite that long!

So, all this to say, perhaps 2012 isn’t unreasonable for a start date as a guest house manager. It wasn’t what I envisioned, certainly. I’ve been told that if I’m ready to go sooner than that, I could possibly spend some time helping in other areas while learning the language and culture. It may be a blessing to have time to learn the ropes of the guest house before stepping into the position too! So, time will tell. It’s certainly possible that God is up to something else too. Perhaps there’s another place or position that He needs me to do, so I’m training to remain faithful to my commitment to be about “that which He has for me” in 2010!